Leith Ross

– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYLEITH ROSSLeith Ross is a songwriter, singer, and artist born and raised in a small town outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They’ve been a sensitive and overly artistic person since birth and when they started writing songs around the age of 12 it quickly became Leith’s favourite way to be sensitive and overly artistic. Still is. Since then, they’ve recorded and released two projects, and have a new one underway. Inspired by the likes of Lucinda Williams, Dolly Parton, Disney movie soundtracks, High School Musical, and their dad’s horrible parodies of all of the above, their songs attempt to explore themes of gut-wrenching and cheesy love, silliness and extreme existentialism. Their favourite stuff. Leith’s latest single, “We’ll Never Have Sex,” is soaked in that ‘favourite stuff’ and ready to be listened to wherever you can find it. Coming Soon To Some Kind Of Live Venue Near You!

PATIO: Hannah Bethel

– ALL AGES- LIMITED PATIO SEATING IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVEHANNAH BETHEL Storytelling permeates throughout popular music, but few songwriters can stop you in your tracks and transport you to a specific moment in time, making you feel love, heartbreak, and nostalgia quite like Hannah Bethel. Her ability to tap into deeply personal songwriting was the turning point for her, and beginning in 2018, provided a trilogy of breakthrough songs, including “Train,” “Rhinestone Rodeo,” and the emotionally riveting “The House Is on Fire,” the latter of which won top honors in the Americana category of the 2019 International Songwriting Competition. Blurring the lines between Americana, country, folk, rock and pop, her artistry reflects who she is: a fiercely independent, wild, and untamed spirit. It was Bethel’s destiny to become a performer and songwriter. Born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and raised in Houghton, Michigan, she studied dance as a child, and later drew musical influences from Seventies rock and country music artists Tom Petty, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and Willie Nelson. Driven to carve out her own musical style, she took up the guitar, and began honing her own talents as a teenaged singer-songwriter traveling the upper Midwest performing at fairs, bars, talent shows, coffee houses, shopping malls and country western shows. She self-released her first record at age 17, and the following year she moved to Nashville where she released three more albums over a six-year span. Bethel’s stellar 2022 EP, ‘Until the Sun Comes Back Around,’ leads you through the culmination of the past few years of her life, and the surrender to her own truth. This watershed period of creativity provided the fire power behind the EP’s critically acclaimed songs, “Bad News Baby,” “Someone’s Woman,” and “On the Way Down.” Bethel has received accolades from Maverick, The Washington Post, Billboard, Holler Country, Taste of Country, Country Music People, Americana Highways and others. Her music has garnered airplay on indie rock, Americana, and country radio outlets across the globe, including WRLT Lightning 100, WMOT Roots Radio and WSM, and her videos have been featured on CMT, Ditty TV, and The Country Network. In 2022, she took home the award for “Best Female Vocalist” at the 2022 Appalachian Arts and Entertainment Awards. She is also a proud endorsee of Gretsch, Furch and Taylor Guitars.

Amy Steinberg: Album Release Show

– ALL AGES- SEATED SHOW- LIMITED NUMBER OF PREMIUM SEATING TICKETS AVAILABLEAMY STEINBERG (ALBUM RELEASE SHOW) “Singular” is the word that best describes Amy Steinberg. Uplifting, enlightening and hilarious with a voice that can burn the house down, Amy Steinberg is singer, songwriter and storyteller like none other. She plays the piano with her own swingy rhythmic bounce, injecting shades of jazz, rock, hip hop, and poetry, all with a theatrical flair. Deeply soulful, with her power belt, she sings of self-love, open-mindedness, and the holiness of everything.   Amy is the Creatrix of House of Love & Light, an online spiritual community that began at the beginning of quarantine. Deeply involved with the New Thought and Positive Music world, as well as the LGBTQ+ community, she plays at conferences, Spiritual Centers, venues and festivals all over the country.  Amy’s new recording is her 12th independent CD, “Big Bang Breaks” a powerful collection of uplifting gems.

[CANCELED] PATIO: Western Carolina Writers

– ALL AGES- LIMITED PATIO SEATING IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVEWESTERN CAROLINA WRITERS Western Carolina Writers was established in 2019 by Nick McMahon, along with Jesse Frizsell and Thomas Yon, as a traveling “Songwriters-In-The-Round” style show.  The idea was to take turns performing original songs with fun moments of collaboration at venues all over Western North Carolina. After about a dozen increasingly successful shows, McMahon started inviting other area songwriters to participate.  And now after around 150 shows featuring close to 80 different local artists, the concept has become even more popular, fun and diverse. Last year, Mcmahon and current project partner, Stephen Evans, decided to take this show into the listening rooms and out of the noisy bars and breweries so the songs could really be heard and appreciated.  With three recent magical, well attended songwriter showcases at The Grey Eagle and Isis Music Hall in Asheville, NC, this decision has proven to be the right move. This particular Patio Show at The Grey Eagle will feature 3 amazing area singer-songwriters with the lineup to be announced soon!

Deb Talan (of The Weepies)

– ALL AGES- FULLY SEATED SHOW- LIMITED NUMBER OF PREMIUM SEATING TICKETS AVAILABLEDEB TALAN Deb Talan has been writing songs since she was 14 years old. Granted, her style has changed a bit since writing the forever-unknown smash-hit “Through the Window” about feeling numb, like life was going on somewhere out there but not accessible to her (at 14. so jaded.) She played clarinet, wrote songs on piano, later taught herself to play guitar in college, got obsessed with Shawn Colvin, was a vegetarian for 4 years, ended that with a hotdog and a swim in lake Michigan, started a band in Portland, OR with her friend Mark, named it Hummingfish, wrote a lot of fun songs that people danced to ‘til they were all sweaty in that hipster/grungy/geeky Northwest kind of way, moved back to the east coast 6 years and a divorce later and began playing solo in Boston coffee houses (read: 4 different Starbucks that she also poured espresso at) opened shows for Catie Curtis (a songwriter hero of hers) met up with Steve Tannen and formed The Weepies, played shows all over the country and the world, toured in a real tourbus! moved to LA, got married to Steve, made 5 records and 3 amazing boy-children together with him, had songs placed in loads of movies and tv shows, moved to Iowa, got breast cancer, got chemotherapy and relied heavily on marijuana for pain and nausea relief(Legalize, for gods’ sakes, can we grow up as a country, please?) recovered from breast cancer, made a solo album, struggled with mental health issues (Childhood Incest Survivor, lucky to be alive, music has helped, and so have many blessed healers) and relationship issues for 6 years, got divorced from Steve. She has a lot she could say these days. She prefers to listen. But playing songs for people is a close second. Music heals. Songs can be prayers. Deb Talan is some lovely damn proof of that.

PATIO: Many A Ship

– ALL AGES- LIMITED PATIO SEATING IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVEDMANY A SHIP Many a Ship is an indie-folk-rock band deeply rooted in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Formed in 2017, this group of musical friends united to craft a new sound, drenched in inspiration from nature, humanity, frailty and nostalgia. Many a Ship features Vickie Burick (Warm the Bell, Nevada) on vocals, guitar, songwriting; Josh Gibbs (Dave Desmelik, Velvet Truckstop) on lap steel and Andy Gibbon (Dave Desmelik) on bass. Collectively their music is a sea of stories about life, love, heartache, truth and hope. Their love and respect for each other as well as the music they create is palpable. The group released their debut full length album “Sturdy Little Boat” in December 2019. Many a Ship has been interviewed/featured on Asheville and regional radio stations including 103.3 WPVM, 98.1 The River, BuzzRadioAsheville and 88.7 WNCW, as well as streaming platforms world wide. Airtime songs include “Sturdy Little Boat”, “Belong here”, “All the Pretty Birds”, “Butterfly” and “ We All Fall Down”.  many a shiplast night in our rocking chairsunder starsclouds pushing up like wavesin the deep blue seaeach time tilting backmy heart open to the skywith music sounding from thewooden slats beneathlifting like fireflies, like sparks from a flamerising into the airone star the portanother the bowurging the clouds into waves of the seamany a ship have set sail in these watersmany a ship yet to be            (sowers/burick)

PATIO: Quattlebaum

– ALL AGES- LIMITED PATIO SEATING IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVEDQUATTLEBAUM Quattlebaum, Southern Gent and Banjo Slinger, brings more to the table than just music. With his infectious smile and weird antics, he brings people together; encouraging camaraderie and building community. The singer-songwriter, currently based in Portland, Oregon, tours the country picking and strumming indie-folk songs that are spacious and emotive, and have an implicit groove. When he plays, you can hear the reverberations of the rustic mountains clashing with the breezy ocean. Like a willowy heron, Quattlebaum struts around on stage as the music moves through him, evoking a range of emotions from laughter to longing.  He shares tender moments, where one can almost hear his banjo breathing, then erupts into raucous peaks of unbridled energy—his captivating solo performances take his audiences on a ride.

PATIO: Jody Carroll

– ALL AGES- LIMITED PATIO SEATING IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVEDJODY CARROLL “Jody Carroll does not play the blues so much as he inhabits them, with a definite Americana tinge. His dark and haunting tales embody roots music to its fullest..”   Amos Perrine – No Depression 2021 “You have to wonder if he didn’t strike the same deal as delta shaman Robert Johnson..”  The Oregonian, Portland Oregon    Jody Carroll is an Acoustic Delta Blues / Slide Guitar and Banjo Master whose influences range from  players like Robert Pete Williams, Fred McDowell, King Soloman Hill & Doc Boggs and to the likes of Bert Jansch, Bob Dylan, Buddy Guy, John Fahey and Pete Seegar. His sound is a pure original statement with high relevance to the folk traditions.  He is a regular performer at Merlefest and has toured with acts such as Buddy Guy, Johnnie Winter, Honey Boy Edwards and many more.  He is a blues & Roots performer and songwriter who effortlessly creates bold interpretations of old Blues and American Folk music, his own songs, stories and improvisational musical journeys. He is a Finger style/slide guitar master and amazingly soulful singer blending flavors of old Blues, Folk, Mountain music, Jazz and Rock all together into a true power packed gumbo.  He has toured with or shared the stage with legends such as Buddy Guy, Honey Boy Edwards, Jack Owens, Louisiana Red, R.L Burnside, Johnny Winter, John Mayhall, Roy Rodgers, George Thorogood, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeski, Leo Bud Welch, Robert Cray, Robyn Trower, John McEuen, Charlie Musslewhite, Canned Heat, Robert Earl Keen, Sonny Landreth, Shameka Copeland, Paul Geramia, Sonny Landreth, Roy Bookbinder and even members of Metallica once back in 1987 (strange story).  He is also a regular performer at Merlefest. 

PATIO: Afton Wolfe

– ALL AGES- LIMITED PATIO SEATING IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVEDAFTON WOLFE Afton Wolfe is Mississippi. Born in McComb, and growing up in Meridian, Hattiesburg, and Greenville, Mississippi, the roots of American music are in his DNA. Mississippi is the birthplace of at least three American art forms: country music, blues music, and rock and roll. Meridian is the birthplace of Jimmie Rodgers, while the Mississippi Delta is the birthplace of the blues, and the first rock n’ roll notes ever played according to intelligent music historians, came from Hattiesburg. Additionally, he spent his musically formative years in and around New Orleans, where the humidity of the Mississippi combined with the Cajun seasonings, the jazz, zydeco, creole, and gospel music and his Mississippi roots coalesce to add resonance and depth to his blues/country/rock influences.  Afton’s first band experience was back in the late 90s with Hattiesburg post-alternative pop outfit Red Velvet Couch (1998 to 1999) where he developed his stage presence and also was able to release his first album and learn a bit about sound, recording, mixing, and engineering. After a short break, Afton came back strong with the avant-garde, instrumentally diverse Dollar Book Floyd (2001 to 2002), which featured Amy Lott, Tim Keith, and Mike Stokes, and released a very pivotal album, Red and White. During this period Afton began to naturally incorporate country music and delta blues into his musical playbook. After the Dollar Book Floyd project ended, Afton moved to Nashville and formed The Relief Effort, a rock power trio, with whom he recorded two more records: Don’t Panic (2004) and At Your Mercy (2005).  After a hiatus from performing and recording, Afton wrote, composed, and sang all of the songs contained in Petronius’ Last Meal. This was recorded in 2008 with the likes of Charlie Rauh, Craig Schenker, and Dan Seymour. Alcohol, academia, the quest for a better mix and a perfect album cover, and a voyage across the country to live in Washington for a few years kept this project on hold for over a decade. Finally, after a dozen or so years, the project was released in the Summer of 2020. Dark, tense, and moody was the flavor of the 2020 summer season, and the EP along with its two singles “Slingshots” and “Interrogations” fit the season too perfectly.  Afton used the momentum of Petronius’ Last Meal and the tension of the pandemic and surrounding climate to fuel his creativity again. And his upcoming release Kings for Sale is the product of that. The new record defies genres while still being distinctly Afton. The new record, slated to be released in June of 2021, was produced by Oz Fritz (Bill Laswell, Tom Waits, The Ramones, Bob Marley, Ginger Baker and many others) and featuring an enviable assortment of great musicians, including but not limited to Cary Hudson (Blue Mountain, Taylor Street Grocery Band), Daniel Seymour (David Olney, Tommy Womack), Adam “Ditch” Kurtz (Great Peacock, Carrus and Kurtz), Ben Babylon (SpoBro, Sir Please), Laura Rabell, Kristen Englenz, Blaise Hearn, Rebecca Weiner Tompkins, and several more.

PATIO: Laura Lamb w/ Lillie Syracuse

– ALL AGES- LIMITED PATIO SEATING IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVEDLAURA LAMB “Laura Lamb’s voice was made for live music” – Mspmag.com  Laura Lamb found her voice at a young age while watching her mother’s family gather around a grand piano in Minneapolis, Minnesota singing songs by artists like Carole King, Norah Jones and Etta James. She remembers learning how to harmonize with her grandparents, while developing her smooth & melancholy voice. “It was a strange feeling to sing and bring my parents’ friends to tears. It felt really special to be able to make people feel emotional as a young kid.”  She began writing songs after receiving her first guitar at age 12. Fast-forward to college days when Lamb first discovered Nashville, Tennessee. She was quickly swept under the wings of hit Singer-Songwriter and Monument Recording Artist, Cailyn Smith (Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus, Meghan Trainor) who gracefully mentored the young artist in her songwriting and performance skills. Before she knew it, she was showcasing her new Nashville co-written songs at coffee houses near her college campus in St. Paul, MN. After selling out her first big show in downtown Minneapolis, she made the brave move cross-country to Music City. Today, she has honed her craft while creating music some of Nashville’s finest songwriters and musician’s. She’s debuted her music at the Bluebird Cafe and has played Girls of Nashville – which showcases up and coming singer-songwriters. The independent artist has been preparing her next record with hit producer, Misa Arriaga (Kacey Musgraves), which will display her unique voice and emotion. The first single, Bluebird recently won top 10 in the NSAI 21st Annual Song Contest out of 3000 submissions.LILLIE SYRACUSE In velvet streams of joy, grief, and love, Lillie Syracuse’s voice and music fill the golden spaces of the in between. It is in these spaces that Lillie explores the stunning complexities and heart-scapes of the human experience.    For a decade, Lillie honed her craft in Nashville, TN, where she wrote and released her debut album Coming Up Diamonds in 2020, with producer and Grammy-nominated drummer Mike Marsh (The Avett Brothers, Dashboard Confessional).    It was growing up in Pumpkintown, SC, the cradle of Table Rock Mountain, where Lillie’’s heart was woven from the forests’ moss-covered trees, waterfalls, birdsong, and red mountain clay.   The Appalachian Mountains have now called Lillie home. She lives in Brevard, NC, with her wife and their three pup-children, where she writes and records new music for release in 2023.    Lillie’’s hope in song-craft is to foster shifts towards deeper self-love, acceptance, and magic in the lives of those who hear her music.