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ATTN:  Russ Keith
185 Clingman Ave
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We encourage you to first visit our FAQs page, as we’ve hopefully answered your question there. But if not, please send all general inquires to [email protected]. You may also call the venue at (828)232-5800. We are busy folks, so please have patience with us if our response time isn’t immediate. For the quickest response if your question isn’t answered in our FAQs, we recommend a sending an email to the above address or a phone call to the venue between 5pm-8pm EST on days of scheduled events. Please do not call the venue for booking inquires. All booking information can be found below.



If you have a show booked at The Grey Eagle, please send us 20-25 posters and a copy of your latest CD ASAP. We believe the longer exposure your posters have, the better the buzz about your show will be. We will post them in the club to promote your show, and also have a street team in place to distribute posters throughout the area. We will play your CD as pre-show, post-show, and set break music at like-minded concerts leading up to our date together to further generate buzz for your show. Please send any and all promotional tools to the address below. If you are sending posters via FedEx of UPS, please specify ‘NO signature required.’ We sometimes keep odd hours, but most deliverymen are aware of this and we have a spot for them to leave poster envelopes when someone’s not around to receive.


The Grey Eagle is a listening room-style concert venue. While many performers we host have dedicated followings, we cannot offer potential performers a built-in crowd. Likewise, while we love to discover new artists and enjoy being part of the early stages of their careers, we simply cannot host performers who are unknown to Asheville audiences. Like many listening rooms around the US, The Grey Eagle is a destination location: an artist must already have some “marquee value” in the Asheville area in order to perform here. If you are (or represent) an artist who is relatively unknown in Western North Carolina, there are many other more suitable options for you, and a quick search on the web should give you a host of possibilities. From years of experience, we’ve found it works best for both the club and you, the performer, if you play Asheville several times to establish a strong local following before landing at The Grey Eagle. Asheville has a thriving music scene and there are numerous venues to consider that have built in crowds unlike us.

The Grey Eagle does not accept unsolicited demos, press kits, or EPKs. If we receive written or recorded material from you that we did not request, we will either return or dispose of these materials: we will not review them nor will we save them for reviewing at a later time. As musicians ourselves we understand how frustrating this policy can be, but the number of booking requests we receive is overwhelming. Though we would genuinely like to give each of these our full attention, it would be impossible to keep up with the heavy workload this creates in addition to staying on top of our day-to-day duties here at the venue. This policy affords us time to focus on connecting audiences with performers we truly enjoy and believe in, and not simply fill dates on the calendar.

If you are seeking a supporting slot opening for another artist, please keep in mind that these are fairly hard to come by. The majority of our headlining acts either request that there be no other artist on the bill, or tour with their own support. That being said, check our website often and send us an email when you see an artist on our calendar you should open for. If you happen to know the headlining artist or their representative personally, feel free to ask them directly. Please allow at least two weeks response time for emails — multiple emails regarding the same subject will not decrease this response time.

If you already have a date booked, please send us anything we can use to help promote the event here at the club: posters, flyers, links, CDs, photos, etc. While we will do our best to spread the word, promotion is ultimately the responsibility of the performer and/or the performer’s promotional team.

Once you’ve read all of the above information and if you still feel like The Grey Eagle is the right room for you, please first check our website to make sure we aren’t already confirmed on the date(s) you’re inquiring about. It will save us both some time. Thank you.


The Pub and Music Hall are available pretty much year-round for fundraisers, benefits, weddings, private parties… you name it. We also welcome offers from independent promoters. Rates vary drastically depending on a multitude of variables such as time of year, night of the week, expected attendance & staffing needs, etc. Please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you soon!


Jeff Whitworth (talent buyer)
[email protected]


Just Announced
sun, Aug 11
Modelface Comedy and Ginger's Revenge Present

Comedy For Community

sat, Sept 28
The Grey Eagle and Worthwhile Sounds Present

JD Clayton

ON SALE: Jul 19 at 10:00am

sun, Dec 08
sun, Oct 13