COVID-19 Guidelines

We can’t wait to get y’all back to The Grey Eagle! As we ready the venue to welcome live music fans back, we wanted to let you know what to expect the next time you come to a show.


  • bioPURE™ sprays all hard surfaces every month inside and out
  • Use bioPURE™ disinfectant spray on the regular, daily
  • 3 air purifiers placed around the venue
  • Hand sanitizer stations placed around the venue
  • Hand wash station outside
  • All employees will be wearing masks
  • Seating – tables have been place 6ft+ apart


Please stay home if you’re not feeling well. No one with symptoms of COVID-19 are permitted to enter The Grey Eagle.

Masks are a must. Keep your distance, or at least 6 ft, please.

It’s good to see you, but please no handshakes or high-fives. Maybe show some love by throwing up ✌️? Please keep your friend circle small, now is not the time to be a social butterfly. No more than 8 people in a party and pretty please, don’t move any furniture.

Our staff is working hard to keep everything clean. Please help buy picking up after yourself as much as possible, we’ll take care of the rest. We have a sanitizing procedure in place, but the less we touch the better. Remain at your table unless nature calls or you need food or a refill.

Please follow venue signage and order at the bar in one of the designated service areas. Please get a new glass each time you visit the bar. It’s good to see the kids out having fun, but remember they must remain with you at all times.

If we’re all mindful of others and our surroundings we can do this together!