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TJ & Dave

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– ALL AGES- SEATED SHOW- LIMITED NUMBER OF PREMIUM SEATING TICKETS AVAILABLETJ & DAVE TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi bring their award winning show to Asheville. A miraculously improvised one-hour play at every performance. Get ready to be entertained by the incredible wit and spontaneity of these two talented performers. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience something like you’ve never seen before. Enjoy some great food and drinks, and have a fantastic time with friends. Don’t miss out on this hilarious and one-of-a-kind experience!   ‘One of these guys is the best improviser in the world. And the other one is better.’ – Stephen Colbert   ‘The comics TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi miraculously improvise a one-hour play at every performance. This is an impressive feat of mental athletics, but the results are also observant, complex and frequently enormously funny.’ – The New York Times “BRILLIANT, HEARTBREAKING, MIND-BLOWING, INSPIRING! The best 50 minutes of improv comedy that we’ve ever seen. But we wouldn’t want to insult their effusive skills by speaking so simplistically. Also, it’s funny. Drink their Kool-Aid.” – Time Out New York “TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi, two of the world’s finest practitioners of the art of long-form improv, create an hour long one-act play. They’re both great actors and have amazing improv chops, but it’s always hard to notice these kinds of things when you’re peeing your pants laughing.” – Time Out Chicago LEARN MORE ABOUT SPEAKEASY IMPROV HERE!


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– AGES 18+- SEATED SHOW- LIMITED NUMBER OF PREMIUM SEATING TICKETS AVAILABLE Carnivale Macabre: Krampüs Night ö unholy night, in the dead of winter, in that wretched week between Xmas and the New Years when all seems a blur, we bring you another completely unhinged installment of Carnivale Macabre! For those of you on the naughty list this year, prepare for a night of sin, curses, and the best anti-holiday entertainment of the season! Join the ancient hell demons Krampus and Goathilde for a sleigh load of burlesque, live music, horror puppetry, performance art, and of course, our signature end of the night bar brawl of destruction that we advertise as “Pro Wrestling” Come all ye unfaithful… to the Carnivale Macabre.

Asheville Vaudeville

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– AGES 18+- SEATED SHOWAsheville Vaudeville – Asheville’s LARGEST vaudeville show featuring WNC’s best comedy, juggling, magic, burlesque, acrobatics, aerial arts, short plays, puppetry, sideshow, music, and more! This show will be hosted by Toybox Theatre, America’s favorite Cartoon Witch!  


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– AGES 18+- SEATED SHOW- LIMITED NUMBER OF PREMIUM SEATING TICKETS AVAILABLECARNIVALE MACABRE: The Longest HunchBurlesque, Pro Wrestling, Magic, Music and More!  Join detective Ima Swinehunt in her search for the missing and alluring “Layla Two Hands” in this chaotic and hilariously comedic noir mystery free-for-all!Proceeds from the show are a benefit for one of the show’s creators, Paul Lentini, who is currently fighting cancer. CARNIVALE MACABRE never fails to have a flair for the absurd, a fun and original script, wild outlandish characters and acts that get the audience literally jumping out of their seats and fighting for tickets. Get yours now!

Carnivale Macabre: Dungeons & Drag

– AGES 21+- FULLY SEATED SHOW- LIMITED NUMBER OF PREMIUM SEATING TICKETS AVAILABLECARNIVALE MACABRE:  DUNGEONS AND DRAG Dox Dominus, Lil’ith, and Mosely embark on a raunchy and hilarious quest through Hell defeating as many bosses as possible! Featuring verses battles with Drag Queens and Kings, Burlesque succubi, warlocks, nefarious bards, and tavern brawling wrestlers! Come play with us and cosplay your favorite character or class!

Asheville Vaudeville

– AGES 18+- SEATED SHOWAsheville Vaudeville is WNC’s longest-running variety event! Featuring comedy, juggling, burlesque, clowns, puppetry, and more, with your host, Queen April!

CARNIVALE MACABRE: The Talent Show From Hell

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– AGES 21+- SEATED SHOW- LIMITED NUMBER OF PREMIUM SEATING TICKETS AVAILABLECARNIVALE MACABRE The Talent Show From Hell  Carnivale Macabre is a variety show featuring comedy, burlesque, magic, games and more… Set in Hell, our emcee Doz Dominus the demon takes you on the tour of his demented showcase as the artists compete for their turn to wreak havoc on earth. Who wins, or if anyone wins at all, is completely up to you!WATCH Carnivale Macabre’s sizzle reel HERE!