PATIO: Hot Rod Walt Duo

– ALL AGES- LIMITED PATIO SEATING IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVEHOT ROD WALT (DUO)Hot Rod Walt” aka Walt Richards, was born in 1966. Not only does he play guitar and sing in the Psycho-DeVilles, but works on custom cars and motorcycles, does hand pinstriping and really just about anything you can imagine on a car or bike. He even has hand pinstriped 342 official special edition “Hot Rod Walt” Gretsch Guitars with over 500 in total. He also has a pretty cool car collection that includes a couple 51 Mercs, a 32 Ford and the famed 34 coupe “Yellow Jacket” Hot Rod Walt and the Psycho DeVilles were formed in 2002. They have released 10 CDs… “Out of the Garage and Onto the Street”, “Psycho Cadillac”, “Supercharger”, “Night Prowler”, “Rockabilly Rodeo”, “Country Gold”, “Rock N Roll Life”, “Motor Honey”, “Swingin’ On the Moon”, and “Rumble Road”. He also takes great pride in being endorsed by Gretsch Guitars…….. Nothing else compares.Hot Rod Walt shares the stage with two talented and loyal musicians……Burford T Ogletree on the Upright bass and Steve “Burnout” Barnett the hard hittin’ punk rock drummer that never runs out of energy. Together the Psycho-DeVilles perform a super high energy show. Singing songs about hot rod cars and mean women……………..The Psycho-DeVilles have had the pleasure of being a part of many TV shows. In 2010 on “Auction Kings” on the Discovery Channel Hot Rod Walt auctioned off his Pink 1960 Cadillac. Also in 2010 “Cafe’ Racer” on Discovery HDTheater/Velocity, where they brought him a custombuilt Cafe Racer motorcycle to test ride and build a story on the band. In 2011 they sent HRW off to the famous Hawleywoods Barbershop for a story on the Pompadour. In 2012 they made and featured a Music video of their song “Ton Up”. In 2013 The Psycho-DeVilles were featured in the Lifetime Movie “Ring of Fire” with Jewel and Matt Ross as Johnny Cash and June Carter as the “Tennessee Three”. In 2016 they were featured in the TV show “Caffeine and Octane” on Velocity Channel, following Hot Rod Walt doing a flame job on a 50 Mercury and then live performance from the band. In 2017 Hot Rod Walt was a host on Caffeine and Octane. Hot Rod Walt has also been a part in many TV shows and major motion pictures. 

Southern Culture on the Skids

– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYSOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS Southern Culture On The Skids has been consistently recording and touring around the world since 1983. The band (Rick Miller – guitar and vocals, Mary Huff – bass and vocals, Dave Hartman – drums) has been playing together for over 30 years. Their musical journey has taken them from all-night North Carolina house parties to late night TV talk shows (Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show), from performing at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan to rockin’ out for the inmates at North Carolina correctional facilities. They’ve shared a stage with many musical luminaries including Link Wray, Loretta Lynn, Hasil Adkins and Patti Smith. Their music has been featured in movies and TV, parodied by Weird Al, and used to sell everything from diamonds to pork sausage. In 2014 the band was honored by the Southern Folklife Collection at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with an exhibition featuring their music and cultural contributions. Their legendary live shows are a testament to the therapeutic powers of foot-stomping, butt-shaking rock and roll and what Rolling Stone dubbed “a hell raising rock and roll party.” At Home with Southern Culture on the Skids is the latest full length album from the band and was released in March of 2021. It was recorded during the stay at home period of the pandemic when the band was at home and not touring. The album consists of 11 tracks recorded and mixed in Rick Miller’s living room with some additional tracks recorded at his studio, The Kudzu Ranch. The first radio single off the album is “Run Baby Run”—a rocking number with deep garage roots. SCOTS bassist Mary Huff provides an urgent vocal while the band pulls back the throttle on a full race fuzz fest—cause she’s gotta to go fast! Run Baby Run! The other songs on the album are a combination of the band’s unique mix of musical genres: rock and roll, surf, folk and country—all a bit off-center, what Rick proudly calls “our wobbly Americana”. Rick goes on, “We put a few more acoustic guitars on this one, as you would expect if you recorded in your living room, but it still rocks like SCOTS. So put your headphones on, get in your favorite chair/sofa/recliner, put on “At Home With” and let’s hang out for a while.”KREKEL & WHOAors since 2004, Jason Krekel (guitar, fiddle, drums, vocals) and Ami Whoa (keyboard, guitar, vocals) have traveled the continent and beyond sharing their infectious tunes. An adaptable duo, their show can be folk-y and acoustic, or rockin’ and electric with Krekel playing drums with his feet while still shredding the strings. This versatility means you might hear them saw through vintage fiddle tunes, weave original yarns, or pound out esoteric rock-n-roll beaters. One moment they’ll touch your heart, and the next they’ll get you dancing. Whether unplugged or cranked up, every Krekel and Whoa performance is full of heart, harmonies, and happiness.