– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYDEERHOOF MIRACLES WANTED! (EVERYTHING IS A MIRACLE EXCEPT WAR AND GASOLINE) PHASE-OUT ALL REMAINING NON-MIRACLES BY 2028 (LUCKILY THERE AREN’T THAT MANY ANYWAY) WE NEED ONLY *LOVE* SONGS (YES, THIS WORD GETS USED OFTEN) BUT I MEAN HIGH-LEVEL I MEAN MIRACLE LEVEL LET’S WASH OUR DIRTY HANDS WITH LOVE LET’S LIVE LET’S WALK CLOSELY TOGETHER I CAN HOLD AN UMBRELLA FOR YOU FOR A LONG TIME Deerhoof’s new album, Miracle-Level, was produced, recorded, and mixed by Mike Bradavski at No Fun Studios in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It’s the band’s 19th album and the first to be produced, recorded and mixed entirely in a recording studio. All of the songs are in Japanese.

Nation of Language

– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYNATION OF LANGUAGEBrooklyn-based synth auteurs Nation of Language first arrived to most in 2020 as one of the most heralded new acts of recent memory, having only released a handful of singles but already earning high-praise from the likes of NME, FADER, Stereogum, Pitchfork, etc.. Inspired by the early new-wave and punk movements, the band quickly earned a reputation for delivering frenzied nights of unconventional bliss to rapt audiences, and established themselves as bright young stars emerging from a crowded NYC landscape prior to their release of one of the most critically acclaimed debut albums of the year — Introduction, Presence. The band’s ability to blend the upbeat with a healthy dose of sardonic melancholy made it a staple on year-end ‘Best of’ lists, led PASTE magazine to dub the album ‘The most exciting synth-pop debut in years’ , and landed the band major radio play from the BBC, KCRW, KEXP, SiriusXM and countless others.Their 2021 follow up, A Way Forward then saw the band pushing even further into analog electronic landscapes while channeling a ferocious energy on singles like ‘Across that Fine Line’ & ‘This Fractured Mind.’ With NME now dubbing their sophomore album ‘A true modern-day classic’ and Rough Trade tabbing it as one of its Top Albums of the year, the band has gone on to headline a string of packed shows both domestically and Internationally in ’22 and well into 2023.MISS GRIT”For the way out, I think, we have to follow the cyborg. We have to be willing to be disloyal, to undermine. The cyborg is powerful because she grasps the potential in her own artificiality, because she accepts without question how deeply it is embedded in her.” — Jia Tolentino (Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion, “Athleisure, barre and kale: the tyranny of the ideal woman”)To be a cyborg means to have been manufactured; to have been downloaded with information, characteristics, and abilities meant to carry out a function which will serve its creator. It is to have stepped into the world with very little control under an all-powerful hand. Miss Grit knows that to be a cyborg also means to have potential beyond your creator; to inevitably grow a hand even more powerful.New York-based musician Margaret Sohn (they/she) created Miss Grit to function as an outlet for their own analysis and expression of self. Called a “polymath” by NME in early 2019, their process is introspective, their vision precise. Sohn produced Follow The Cyborg, her debut fulllength album, entirely in her home studio, and mostly in solitude with several guest collaborators joining — Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint, Aron Kobayashi Ritch of Momma, and close friend and fellow songwriter Pearla.

Citizen Cope: Spring 2023 – Solo Acoustic

– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLY- $1 FROM EACH TICKET SOLD GOES TO CHARITY- LIMITED NUMBER OF VICTORY MARCH PRE-RELEASE LISTENING PARTY TICKETS AVAILABLE, INCLUDING:  One (1) General Admission Ticket to see Citizen Cope’s Spring 2023 – All The Songs You Want to Hear – Solo Acoustic tour Join Clarence for an exclusive pre-show listening party of his new, unreleased album, Victory March, where he’ll share the full record, stories around making it, and answer some questions One (1) Spring 2023 – All The Songs You Want To Hear – Solo Acoustic Tour poster Early entry to the venue with early merch shopping access before doors open to the public CITIZEN COPEI’m thrilled to announce my new tour – All The Songs You Want To Hear! It’ll be so exciting to come perform through the Southeast and Northeast, with a few dates in Canada. This will be an intimate solo acoustic experience that will ultimately lift all of our spirits. In a world that can look so divided, it’s great to have people gather under one roof, who have different beliefs, opinions, and personal identities to connect and celebrate life through the power of music. I’ll be playing your favorite songs from all the records and debuting some new ones from my upcoming LP, The Victory March. This new record and my catalog of songs is something I’m super grateful to have the opportunity to share with you all.

Dan Deacon

– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYDAN DEACON How do you make something solid, beautiful, and built to last in a time of cultural chaos and personal doubt? With Mystic Familiar, Dan Deacon gives us the stunning result of years of obsessive work, play, and self-discovery. It’s at once his most emotionally open record and his most transcendent, 11 kaleidoscopic tracks of majestic synth-pop that exponentially expand his sound with unfettered imagination and newfound vulnerability. Since 2015’s Gliss Riffer, Deacon has branched out from his core body of work as a popular recording artist into a dizzying array of collaborative projects: scoring eight films, including the feature documentaries Rat Film and Time Trial (both released as LPs on Domino Soundtracks) and HBO’s Well Groomed; collaborating with the New York City Ballet’s resident choreographer Justin Peck on the dance piece The Times Are Racing; performing expanded arrangements of his music with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra; and for the first time producing and co-writing an album by another artist, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat’s alt-rock dynamo Riddles. But as varied and fulfilling as these projects were, they all lacked one thing: Deacon’s voice. And in the midst of that whirlwind of activity, he returned whenever he could to a personal oasis — the songs that would become Mystic Familiar, informed by all these collaborations but built from within. Propelled by the unprecedented response to Gliss Riffer highlight “When I Was Done Dying” and the exquisite-corpse animated video that vividly amplified that song’s narrative odyssey of multiverse-traveling post-life energy, Deacon’s writing took an exploratory new direction. He further developed this new material with daily prompts from Brian Eno’s deck of Oblique Strategies and the use of meditation to access that inner well of creativity David Lynch describes in Catching the Big Fish. These techniques, in tandem with his newly adopted therapeutic practices of self-compassion and mindfulness, produced Dan Deacon songs that go places far beyond those his music has traveled before — songs that wield the profundity of a philosopher and the absurdity of a court jester as they paint life as a psychedelic journey brimming with bliss and disruption, darkness and light. Mystic Familiar’s opening track “Become a Mountain” immediately announces itself as something new, for the first time ever on record presenting Dan’s natural singing voice, unprocessed and with only minimal accompaniment. When Deacon proclaims “I rose up” here, it is Dan Deacon singing in the first person as Dan Deacon — a startlingly vulnerable shift in a songbook abundant with characters, metaphors, and distorted vocals. As other ornate voices answer this unadorned I, we’re introduced to the album’s central concept and titular character: the Mystic Familiar, that supernatural other being that we carry with us everywhere in our head, which only we can hear and with whom we live our lives in eternal conversation. “Hypnagogic” takes us deeper into Deacon’s mind, a synth swirl similar to those which have begun his recent performances, absorbing the pulse of the room and extending that abstract moment in which a journey begins.

Horsegirl w/ Lifeguard

– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYHORSEGIRLHorsegirl is a noisy rock trio from Chicago composed of Penelope Lowenstein (she/her), Nora Cheng (she/her), and Gigi Reece (they/them), all 17-18 years old. Horsegirl draws inspiration from shoegaze and post-punk, in the realm of ‘90’s American and UK indie underground. Together for just over a year, they have played contemporary art museums, all ages venues, open mics, and house parties.LIFEGUARDLifeguard is a punk-band-power-trio. Emerging out of the young and exciting windy city DIY scene with the likes of Horsegirl, Post Office Winter, and Friko, Lifeguard have become a part of a cultural moment. Though the members are all still in high school, they are on the forefront of a younger generation taking old music, understanding what made it great, applying it to their art and pushing it in the future. This isn’t a nostalgia act, this is a band for now, distilling lessons learned from SST, Dischord and Sub Pop and channeling it into fury and anxiety for the modern world. – Joe Trainor

Summer Salt

– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYSUMMER SALT Campanita, the new record from trop-pop duo Summer Salt out May 19 on Wax Bodega, is a breezy, blissful, and intimate monument to love, family, and everything in between. Its 12 tracks meander through sun-soaked and rose-tinted memories, deep rooted relationships and loss. The album drifts across a palette of dreamy jazz, bedroom pop, beachy bossa nova, and desert-night indie rock. There are guitars, keys, and gorgeous, cloud-light harmonies, but there are strings, synths, horns, and harmonicas, too. Campanita takes its title from a nickname given to Terry’s sister, Madeleine, by their grandmother. When Maddie and Terry’s cousin, Angelina, passed away in January 2021, Terry was shaken to his core; it was the first time he’d experienced this kind of loss. He became determined to create something that would live on and celebrate the life of both his sister and cousin forever. The process of creating the record allowed Terry to stay close to the two of them, and the end result is a work that will not die: it will live on forever, drifting through the heavy, warm southwestern air. The band will celebrate Campanita, their fourth full-length release, with a full US headline tour beginning in May. The LP is a bold step forward in Summer Salt’s skyward career arc, which has built from auspicious Austin, Texas roots to count more than one million monthly listeners on Spotify and nods from both Live Nation’s Ones To Watch and American Songwriter. Throughout the record’s creation, drummer, percussionist, and keyboardist Eugene Chung experimented with new sonic elements, building a sound that’s fuller and more textured. “As we get older and write more songs, Matt and I are getting more interested in the production side of things and trying to make things sound a little different than what we’ve been doing,” says Chung. Terry and Chung composed the songs while living apart—Terry in Dallas, Chung in San Francisco. They self-recorded much of the material before meeting in Fort Collins, CO in December 2022 to finish at The Blasting Room. Chris Beeble produced and engineered, and Joe LaPorta mastered the record. Anthony Barnett and Winston Triolo contributed guitar, bass, and backing vocals, and will join Summer Salt on their headline tour this spring. More than any record before it, Terry and Chung are excited to put Campanita into the world. “It’s here forever,” says Chung. “Time can’t take this away from us.” THE RARE OCCASSIONSThe Rare Occasions are an LA-based, New England-bred indie rock band known for their explosive garage rock anthems with catchy vocal harmonies. The band has toured nationally, won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and released a vast catalog of music online. ADDISON GRACEAddison Grace has fast proven a phenomenon with their one-of-a-kind brand of intimate songcraft, a seemingly irresistible melding of mesmerizing bedroom pop, sharp humor, and an utterly individual online persona. The 21-year-old UT-based singer, songwriter, and social media star – who is non-binary and uses he/they pronouns – drew immediate attention with their breakthrough debut EP, IMMATURING, earning acclaim for their character-driven tales of unrequited love and teenage uncertainty, all etched with candor, wit, and originality.


DEHD has partnered with PLUS1 so that $1 per ticket goes to supporting organizations working for equity, access, and dignity for all.   – ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYDEHDUpon arrival during the fraught summer of 2020, Flower of Devotion felt like Dehd’s necessary prescription for us all. That was, of course, a moment of unprecedented anxiety and uncertainty, when just contemplating the future could seem overly optimistic. But Dehd captured and shared the precarious balance between real life and real hope, a feat mirrored by instant pop melodies and infectious punk energy. The Chicago trio had the audacity to look ahead when many of us didn’t, to imagine improvement through mere existence. It was an album we needed. We need its follow-up, the triumphant Blue Skies, even more. Dehd’s fourth album (and first for Fat Possum) is also the band’s second consecutive breakthrough, loaded with the most compelling, compulsive, and expansive songs of their career. Blue Skies offers another jolt of timely hope, only with twice the power. These 13 hits feel like flashlights in the dark, acknowledging how difficult everything from love and sex to living and dying can be while supplying the inspiration of their own experiences. “There’s a hole in my window/I was wondering how the rain was getting in,” Emily Kempf sings during the magnetic “Window,” acknowledging the problem before jubilantly exclaiming she’s moving toward something new. “Blue skies!” The rapturous reception of Flower of Devotion gave Dehd access to more resources — budgets, studios, producers. Rather than seek something new, however, they invested in themselves, their process, and their deep belief in what they have always done. They booked the same studio where they had recorded Flower of Devotion but tripled their stay, giving themselves time to play with arrangements and delight in a wonderland of drum machines and synthesizers. Through Dehd’s career, Jason Balla has been building his chops as a producer, so this was a chance to indulge and explore. Eric McGrady, meanwhile, considered how much more he could deliver as a drummer, adding layers to the thump of his past. And Emily, who admits that the process of making records has always been emotionally draining, focused on harnessing her indomitable energy, funneling her power into these songs without being overpowered by them. Dehd gave themselves runway to make mistakes and the space to make a statement. Blue Skies is their poignant, redemptive, and deeply fun testament to trusting and pushing yourself. These 33 minutes run like a series of interconnected singles, each song so hooky and strong that you’ll be hard-pressed to name a favorite. The triumphant “Bad Love” is a surge of self-liberation, Emily leading the charge through an anthem about admitting your faults, seeking forgiveness, and finding a way forward. “I got a heart full/I got a heart full of redemption,” she offers at the start, a moment that suggests Springsteen writing with The Go-Go’s. A Tom Verlaine quiver to his voice, Jason takes a nighttime walk in the city as anxiety closes in during the irrepressible “Stars,” calming himself with a concrete reminder he’s still here. And there’s Eric’s splendid “Hold,” a chiming wonder with elastic bass lines and cascading piano parts that interlock beneath his hypnotic voice. He affirms the impact of simple acts of love.

Dexter and the Moonrocks

– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYDEXTER AND THE MOONROCKSHailing from Abilene, Texas, Dexter & The Moonrocks deliver a unique Southern Alternative fusion lovingly dubbed “Western Space Grunge” by their fans. The band released their first single “Couch” in August of 2021, taking the internet by storm. After massive success with the hit single, the band released their self-titled EP featuring a number of hits like “Where I Steer” or “Behave” and receiving overwhelmingly positive responses. Lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist James Tuffs, lead guitarist/vocal harmonizer Ryan Anderson, bassist Ty Anderson, and drummer/vocal harmonizer Fox, draw on their favorite elements of bands like Nirvana, Austin Meade, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and Whiskey Myers in order to create the unique sound that can only be described as “Western Space Grunge.”POCKET STRANGEAsheville-based Pocket Strange explores the chaotic balance that lies between solace and jubilance. Their music will transport you somewhere between the tie-dyed side of southern rock and psych-rock indie… with a polite splash of spacy jamming that ties together the loose ends that exist outside the constructs of their songs. They’ve decided to be undecided on where they expect the music to land – and in that realm of the unknown, they are able to connect and float in the “Strange” space that leads the band’s exploration and development.

The National Parks

– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLY- LIMITED NUMBER OF VIP TICKETS AVAILABLE (including: One general admission ticket, Early entry into the venue, Access to an intimate pre-show campfire performance, Special Q&A conversation with The National Parks, Official VIP laminate, Crowd Free Merchandise Shopping + 15% off at the merch table. THE NATIONAL PARKSYou know the feeling when the clouds part and the sun shines down on you, the rush you get when you run and jump into a lake at full speed, or the moment a gust of morning air brings new life as you step outside and look at the world around you? The National Parks translate these sensations into songs. The Provo, UT quartet—Brady Parks [vocals, guitar], Sydney Macfarlane [vocals, keys], Cam Brannelly [drums], and Megan Parks [violin]—breathe in inspiration from the world around them and exhale cinematic indie folk-pop powered by soaring harmonies, organic orchestration, and luminous electronics. Emerging in 2013, the musicians have consistently captivated audiences. They’ve generated over 150 million streams across Young [2013], Until I Live [2015], Places [2017], and Wildflower [2020]. As one of many highlights from the latter, “Time” amassed over 9.3 million Spotify streams as the album incited widespread critical applause. Parade raved, “Wildflower is chock full of adventure, wonder, freedom, and inspiration,” while The Line Of Best Fit attested, “it seems that the sky really is the limit for this quartet.” Mxdwn noted, “The National Parks have perfectly melded folk with catchy melodies, strong grunge chords and poetic lyrics in Wildflower.” The four-piece maintained this momentum with a sold-out headline tour and 2021’s A Mix for the End of the World pt.1. Now, the group expand their vision yet again on their fifth full-length offering, 8th Wonder.Zach SeabaughNashville-based rising indie-pop talent Zach Seabaugh lightheartedly calls his music ‘moody music’ – a cross between singer/songwriter and pop from the relatable perspective of a 24-year-old navigating with the complexities of young adulthood. Born in Marietta, GA, Seabaugh got his start singing in his local church choir before picking up the guitar. Growing up heavily influenced by the likes of Ben Rector, Jack Johnson and John Mayer, Seabaugh pursued a music business degree at Middle Tennessee State University, where he continued dedicating himself to his craft of songwriting. Playing shows and writing every chance he could throughout college, Seabaugh began to hone in on his distinct sound, blending elements of pop, rock, and folk music. With releasing new music in 2022 including, “Slingshot,” co-penned and produced by Chance Peña, “Maybe In The Morning” feat. Anna Hamilton, “Thoughts” feat. Jaxson Free, along with his latest single “Christmas Lights” out now – the indie singer/songwriter plans to continue releasing music and connecting with fans in 2023.

Wild Child: End of the World Tour

– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYWILD CHILD After more than a decade of non-stop touring, acclaimed Austin songwriting duo, Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins, quietly stopped touring as Wild Child — their accidental indie band conceived in the back seat of someone else’s tour van.  Wilson joined the singer-songwriter super group, Glorietta, and debuted her genre-bending, Motown-influenced solo project, Sir Woman — Austin Music Awards’ Best New Act of 2020 that NPR critic Gini Moscorro called an effortless move into “a brave new R&B-infused, gospel-flecked world where her golden pipes ease you back into a fluffy pillow of serenity and bliss.” And Beggins unveiled his musical alter-ego, Coco Zani, with the release of his first solo album, “As Simple As A Dream” featuring the single, “Paradise,” which The Wild Honey Pie called “the perfect soundtrack for waltzing around your room.”  Headed in different sonic directions, Wilson and Beggins didn’t know if they would ever make another Wild Child record. Then, well, what felt like the “end of the world” brought them back together. Pandemic lockdowns closed stages and drained bank accounts. In Austin, the Live Music Capital of the World, local bands took their shows to the internet. Wild Child was no different.  Wilson and Beggins got together to practice for a series of online performances for devout fans. And within in 30 minutes, they wrote the first single for what would accidentally become Wild Child’s fifth album, End of the World.  The song, Photographs, is a bittersweet, ukulele-backed duet that Wilson calls “something familiar for Wild Child fans who have stuck with us over the years.” “It felt like our very first record, when the two of us wrote a bunch of songs while on tour for someone else. There wasn’t any aim to do anything with those songs at the beginning. For the first time since then, that’s how we started writing these songs. We didn’t know if we would make another record. It just came together,” Beggins said. Wild Child’s fifth album, “End of the World,” was mixed by Matt Pence (Jason Isbell, Elle King) and includes guitarist Charlie Wiles (Paul Cauthen, John Moreland, Orville Peck). PROXIMA PRADAPróxima Parada is an American band from San Luis Obispo, CA. A group of four with wild fantasies of promoting joy, human connection, and making introspection sexy again. It all started with the discovery of freedom way back when, and the invention of brass allowed them to fashion their unique sound.