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Foxing + The Hotelier

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– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYFOXING + HOTELIER People often ask what the most influential emo albums of November 2013 & February 2014 were. Somewhere on the deep web there is an algorithm processing, workshopping the perfect tour for the people that ponder that question. As it turns out, there are two records that stand out and those records happen to be by The Hotelier & Foxing. After this was brought to each band’s attention, they have decided to set out on a journey to give you the opportunity to see “Home Like Noplace Is There” & “The Albatross” in full as they celebrate their 10th anniversaries. Born in DIY spaces across the country, each of these records afforded their respective bands the opportunity to see the world. Now it is time for them to take the stage once again and bring these records back home, this time in some of our nations finest mid-sized venues, to celebrate these albums with you all.GLITTERER

Emery: ‘In Shallow Seas We Sail’ Anniversary Tour

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– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLYEMERY Our trials and tribulations toughen us up and, ultimately, inform who we become. Emery proudly wears the wisdom from those scars in their songs. The Seattle quintet—Toby Morrell [vocals, guitar], Devin Shelton [vocals, bass], Josh Head [vocals, keys, synths], Matt Carter [guitar], Dave Powell [drums], and Chris Keene [guitar] —teeter on an axis of unpredictably heavy soundscapes, off-kilter grooves, searing melodies, and fits of harmony. Now, the group open up and bleed like never before on their eighth full-length offering, Rub Some Dirt On It [Tooth & Nail]. “The album is based on personal and difficult real-life situations,” reveals Devin. “We wanted to focus on moments that were hard to navigate, but ultimately character-building experiences in our lives. When we would fall, scrape our knees, or get some other fairly insignificant injury, our dads would always say, ‘Rub some dirt on it’. In other words, you’re tougher than you think. Instead of crying or dwelling on it, get up and keep going. Don’t let the pain define you. Instead, learn from it and become better. STRAWBERRY GIRLSSLOW JOY

Emo Night Karaoke

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– ALL AGES- STANDING ROOM ONLY Setlist on Spotify: https://bit.ly/emonightkaraoke6:30 PM doors & signupsSong sign ups are first come first serveEMO NIGHT KARAOKE features a live band with members of Just Surrender, Freshman 15, Southcott & Thieves and Villains playing your favorite songs from back in the day on stage live with you on lead vocals!ENK has a setlist of 75+ pop punk/emo songs + the band is also known for doing random throwback album nights. Signups are first come first serve on the iPad, and there are several TVs scrolling the lyrics to help you on stage!  Link up with ENK online!  http://facebook.com/emonightkaraoke and https://www.emonightkaraoke.com/ and follow instagram.com/emonightkaraoke to stay up to date with your band!