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90’s PROM (featuring Smashing Mouths and Borderline Band)

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– ALL AGES- DANCING ROOM ONLY- YOUR BEST/WORST 90’S ATTIRE IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!  Remember the 90’s?  Well we certainly do and we kinda loved ’em, so we’re giving you the opportunity to relive (y)our glory days (or in some cases your parents’ glory days) with a 90’s THROWBACK PROM style dance party.  Your favorite classics from the golden era of music (nah?)….THE NINETIES…played by two live bands, Smashing Mouths and The Boderline Band!!  More details will be announced soon, but we promise you don’t want to miss out on this action!    SMASHING MOUTHSIn a time machine crafted from a used Honda Accord, a Trapper Keeper covered in No Fear stickers, and strawberry-banana Sobe, Smashing Mouths is here to party like it’s 1990-something!Covering the hits and forgotten singles from the decade of grunge, alternative, pop, and R&B, Smashing Mouths is the perfect medicine to cure those nostalgic feelings.At a Smashing Mouths party, the 90’s are alive and well even if our backs and hairlines are long gone. There’s no age limit to sing and dance to the music that defined a generation!So throw on that flannel, lace up those Doc Martens, and tell your responsibilities to talk to the hand because there ain’t no party like a Smashing Mouths party cuz a Smashing Mouths party don’t stop!THE BORDERLINE BANDBlake and Amanda Yoder have been playing music their entire lives. Borderline Band is an homage to the music they grew up on. Cheating, drinking and lying songs. Pure country.