185 Clingman Ave. Asheville, NC 28801

Grey Eagle Events Presents

OUTPOST: The 40, 20, 10’s

All Ages
Friday, June 16
Doors: 6pm // Show: 7pm


The 40,20,10s
are an Americana band out of Asheville, NC.  The members consist of Galen Holland, Springs Wade, Donny Brazil, and Didier Rubio and they’ve been hittin the scene 3 years strong now. They bring a mix of country, blues and rock into a spooky western sound that would fit perfectly into your favorite road trip out west. Their latest release, POLVO, is out on all the streaming platforms, along with ESCENAS, their first EP.

Julia Sanders and Kevin Fuller
Americana artist Julia Sanders’ new album Morning Star—produced by John James Tourville of New West Records band The Deslondes—unfolds a meticulously arranged musical landscape anchored by transfixing vocals and a compact but thoughtful narrative style that calls to mind forebearers like Gillian Welch and Emmylou Harris. On Morning Star, Sanders explores the complexities of transitions: from woman to mother, partners to parents, and freewheelin’ musician to an adult with roots and responsibilities. The album is a poetic, often dark, yet silver-lined portrait of transformation and growth. With each track, Sanders explores a different facet—a career, a partner, a child—and the range of emotions they carry with them, from joy and pleasure to struggle, loneliness and self-doubt. Unafraid to address the complexities that walk hand in hand with the bliss of having children—such as the loss of autonomy and the fracturing of identity—Morning Star provides a much-needed soundtrack to the experience of matrescence—the physical, emotional and social transition to motherhood