185 Clingman Ave. Asheville, NC 28801

The Grey Eagle and Worthwhile Sounds Present

An Evening with Ivy Eld + Friends: Remembering Our Roots

All Ages
Tuesday, August 15
Doors: 6pm // Show: 7pm
$15 to $20



This evening with Ivy Eld, her band, and other special musical guests is sure to be a heart-expanding and soul-nourishing show for listeners. It will be a cross-cultural musical experience that invites us all to get curious about our own ancestral roots. At this show, Ivy and her band will play some folk rock tunes from her debut album. She is also delighted to host and perform with some wonderful guest artists who hail from a variety of cultural identities and heritages–Eastern Band Cherokee, Mexican/Aztec, African American, Scandinavian, Celtic, and more. This evening will be about celebrating our diversity, cherishing our shared humanity and commonalities, and experiencing the healing that can come from music, stories, and honest reflection and connection.

Ivy Eld’s music dances in the land of paradox. Her voice is simultaneously angelic and rawly human, fiery and red-wine smooth. Her evocative and tender songwriting invites listeners to dive in quickly and deeply, piercing weary hearts and enshrouding them with the fierce love and witnessing they desire and deserve. Her vulnerable, heartfelt lyrics soar through the air on the wings of her transcendent, soulful voice.

A psychotherapist for over a decade and a half, Ivy has been privy to the sacred inner worlds of thousands of souls (while navigating her own inner hallways, dark attics, and sun-lit living rooms). This rich interpersonal and intrapersonal experience and her curiosity about the internal landscape saturates her indie folk pop music.

Her artist moniker is a part of her remembering, her reconnecting to her own ancestry (“Ivy” based on her Scandinavian great grandmother’s name, “Eld” being the Swedish word for “fire”). And her self-titled 2022 debut EP album follows suit with that remembering. It documents her journey of coming home to her inner artist, her voice, her wildness, her power, her roots. The songs dance with mystical, nature-filled language through themes such as love (of self and others), speaking up, setting boundaries, grief, generational healing, and the transformative power of art.  The album was specifically dedicated to her beloved little brother (also a musician) who passed away just a few months prior to her entering Drop of Sun studio in West Asheville, NC, to record.

Ivy longs for her music to be an oasis of healing and beauty, a call to deeper respect and compassion for ourselves and for humanity. She considers her music to be another facet of how she shows up in the world in authentic and passionate service— as a singer-songwriter, a therapist, a mom, a partner, an advocate, a friend, a human. She hopes her thoughtful, earthy, poetic songs will inspire others to look inside – light, shadows, and all – and come home to their deeply worthy selves.