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PATIO SHOW: Ron Gallo and Becca Mancari

September 14 @ 8:00 pm

Ron Gallo and Becca Mancari stop by The Grey Eagle patio stage in Asheville NC with special guest Chickpee on Sept 14 for an ALL AGES show!




COVID-19 POLICY UPDATE: The Grey Eagle requires all patrons attending performances to provide proof of vaccination or negative test within 48 hours prior to the event. Currently Buncombe Co. mandates that masks be worn indoors. THIS MEANS YOU NEED TO MASK UP. Patrons will need to provide physical or digital documentation of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test. Professional negative test results must be dated no more than 48 hours prior to the event. At-home testing will not be accepted.


Trying to box Ron Gallo up is like trying to clutch water in your hands. If he was to have a “thing” it’s like the monk and the mandala — build something, then destroy it. Not intentionally but more out of necessity, a way to stay engaged and genuine in whatever he does, forever. His only constant is that there is none.

After years living in Philadelphia DIY touring, playing in different bands, starting joke projects, cleaning houses and filling hard drives full of songs of every genre (most that that never saw the light of day) in 2014 he decided to finally make himself his main project, something he could go all in on, also for practical reasons citing that “if I make music under my own name, the project can never break up, i can just die. It’s like a lifelong commitment to myself.”

During his final days in Philly before relocating to Nashville, Gallo finished his first proper solo album, 2017’s HEAVY META which lead to signing his first record deal, widespread critical acclaim and touring the world including performances at Coachella, Bonnaroo, Governors Ball, Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza and more. The album was described by NPR as “a burst of literate electricity” and Gallo himself as an “insurgent poet and rock ‘n’ roll disruptor” in response to the viral music video for “Please Yourself” where Gallo and band performed guerilla style on the back of a pickup truck they stopped in the middle of the busiest section on Broadway in Downtown Nashville.

Gallo followed up quickly with the Really Nice Guys EP, a genre-bending joke concept album and mockumentary film commenting on the absurdities of his newfound role as a professional touring musician. Then in October 2018, came the release of his second LP Stardust Birthday Party — a post-punk/new wave exploration of Gallo’s spiritual path described by The Guardian as bringing “the fruits of meditation to Gallo’s jams — a little like Bodhisattva Vow marked the influx of MCA’s Buddhism into the Beastie Boys.”

After 3 years of non-stop touring behind these releases Gallo found himself at yet another wall. Physically and mentally burnt out and unsure of where to go next if anywhere at all. The band’s last tour date was on June 4th, 2019 at Beaches Brew, an annual music festival taking place on the beach in Ravenna, Italy.

At yet another moment of breakdown, Gallo went on a hiatus, deleted social media, dissolved the band and planned to live the rest of the year in Italy in the hometown of his now-wife and collaborator, Chiara. This began a period of reinvention via self-embrace, returning to some semblance of normal life and re-evaluating everything. To assist in this process Gallo launched REALLYNICE.world a positive creative outlet for Gallo to share his interests, thoughts, interview random people and has since morphed into a digital festival and a clothing line.

Only a few weeks in to this break, due to visa issues, Gallo was unexpectedly sent back to America which lead to a three month period of mostly self-isolation in his house in Nashville where he began writing and recording music that would ultimately become the album PEACEMEAL.

PEACEMEAL, to be released worldwide 3/5/21, finds Gallo exiting the dark confines of the garage and going outside to make music with no limitation or plan. The result is a colorful hodgepodge of 90’s hip-hop, r&b, weirdo pop, jazz, and punk — his version of “pop music.” Though the sounds have changed from album to album, and most drastically this time, the sense of humanity, humor and a truly eccentric worldview is the common thread in all of Gallo’s music. This time we see a Gallo free of expectation, exploring music again in an almost childlike fascination way and playing pretty much all instruments himself, with some assistance from producer Ben H. Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective). Written in similar circumstances the whole world would be in less than a year later, the introverted, isolated perspectives have become oddly universal.

Gallo’s mission statement has gone from one of the end of the spectrum to the other — where at one point he was a frustrated young guy out to try and change the world by stirring people out of complacency he’s now landed on something much more light but equally as powerful — to just be himself no matter what it is and encourage others to do the same — one of the more radical things to do in a world that tries to box everything up — and show you can actually have fun doing it.


A singer and songwriter whose music puts a fresh spin on classic folk-rock tropes while adding an indie rock undertow, Becca Mancari emerged in 2015 with the moody and evocative single “Summertime Mama.” She later joined fellow Nashville songwriters Jesse Lafser and Brittany Howard in the trio Bermuda Triangle, and in 2017 she issued her debut solo album, Good Woman.

Becca Mancari was born in Staten Island, New York, to an Irish-Italian father who was a man of the cloth and a mother of Puerto Rican heritage. As a girl, she read the works of Jack London and Mark Twain, which gave her a taste for adventure at an early age. Mancari led a nomadic life in her teens and twenties, as she worked odd jobs in Florida, ran with a gang of modern-day hobos hopping freight trains across the country, followed her first true love to Arizona, and visited India on a spiritual pilgrimage. After a spell in Virginia, Mancari settled down in Nashville, where she began focusing on her musical career, believing that the town’s competitive nature would force her to work hard on her songs. She began playing out regularly in Music City, and she grew an audience for her rootsy, deeply personal tunes.

The Greatest PartIn 2015, Mancari released her first single, “Summertime Mama,” and her touring extended throughout the South and Southwest. Her profile got a boost in July 2017 when she joined the group Bermuda Triangle, which also featured Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes and singer/songwriter Jesse Lafser. In October 2017, Mancari released her first album, Good Woman, which was produced by Kyle Ryan, best known for his work with Kacey Musgraves. Captured Tracks took note and signed her for her second long-player, The Greatest Part. Issued in June 2020, its dreamier design was produced by Paramore drummer Zac Farro.


chickpee is the project of Chiara D’Anzieri. The Italian artist/producer began a professional classical career as a cellist at the age of 13, and spent her teen years traveling from city to city in Italy performing with various orchestras and quartets. Decideing to take a hiatus from her classical career. D’Anzieri spent many years as a producer/studio musician/songwriter at a major studio near her hometown of Ravenna, IT. In June 2018, her and her partner, American musician Ron Gallo, met at a beach venue in Ravenna and have been together ever since.

chickpee’s debut release Import, is first time ever writing songs and singing in English. She produced and played most of the instruments on the album herself with assistance from drummer and engineer, Dominic Billett and her partner, Ron Gallo as her collaborator. The album was written in real-time about her experience leaving her country for the first time to move across the world, navigating the U.S. immigration process and loss of freedom and existential crisis all in the name of love. It will be out sometime later in 2021. Ahead of the albums’s release, chickpee has shared a video for “Two Trees.”

Chiara D’Anzieri on “Two Trees:” With this song, I wanted to celebrate my parents love and the incredible example they’ve been for me since I’ve been unable to see them in over a year.

Now that I am stuck in the U.S and I cannot go to see them in my home country, Italy, I need to put them in my art and not only keep them in my heart.

I wrote this song in a couple of hours, the melody just popped up in my mind right after I finished a vocal track for another song that it’s gonna be in the record. Ron (Gallo), my husband, felt asleep on the floor in our home studio and when he woke up the song was there, ready to go. Couple of days after Dom Billet recorded drums on it and Eric Slick marimba and the magic was complete.


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September 14
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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The Grey Eagle
185 Clingman Ave
Asheville, NC 28801 United States


The Grey Eagle
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