RBTS WIN (LP Release Show) w/ Marley Carroll and more

The Grey Eagle and Worthwhile Sounds Present

RBTS WIN (LP Release Show) w/ Marley Carroll and more

Marley Carroll, Erick Lottary, DJ Kutzu

Fri, August 25, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages


RBTS WIN forge their own brand of cerebral body music in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Invoking the harmony and chaos of analog synthesizers and old-school samplers, the collective of sonic adepts have grown a cult following throughout the southeast, becoming a staple performance of North Carolina’s futurist-technology conference, Moogfest since 2012. 2014’s Palm Sunday [Tidal Prism Records] transmitted the group’s unique blend of lo-fi pop and physical R&B across the globe, receiving international distribution via Japan’s Rallye Label and airplay from BBC’s Radio 1 and Radio 6 Music as well as a spot on Don Lett’s Best of 2015 list. Look for the new full-length offering from the band, Sensitivity Kit, out Aug 21 on Fevered Visions/Tidal Prism.
Marley Carroll
Marley Carroll
Hailing from the misty mountains of Asheville, NC, Marley Carroll has been making waves as a thoughtful, sophisticated electronic producer with a penchant for melancholy melodies and warm, silvery vocals. Known as “the producer’s producer,” Carroll commands respect among his peers and a steadily-growing audience of fans. A classically trained pianist and percussionist, but never content to color inside the lines, he became the youngest ever to win the title of Best Scratch DJ for his home state of North Carolina – at 17. In the years since, he has never stopped evolving, undergoing a full transformation into a veteran producer, DJ, and dynamic live performer.

His self-produced 2007 debut Melanaster was the result of meticulous bedroom alchemy, reminiscent of a lost Radiohead LP recovered from the ocean floor. The album’s sonic signature can be found somewhere between the gauzy haze of early ’90s shoegaze (My Bloody Valentine) and early 2000s IDM (Autechre, Squarepusher). Smeared, melancholy pop songs tethered to abstract electronic rhythms; what NPR called “gorgeously subdued glitch-pop.”

In 2011, Carroll truly came into his own as a producer and live performer. He developed a solo PA set to bring a more raw and improvisatory vision of his music to live audiences, combining vocals, turntables, hardware controllers, and analog Moog synth. His onstage performances are exhibitions of understated talent that mix live vocals with stunning, unorthodox turntablist skills over a bed of sophisticated electronica. In 2012 he toured with forward-thinking producers like Shigeto, Dabrye, and Emancipator and appeared at groundbreaking music festivals across the country (Moogfest, Decibel, Coachella). The galvanic dance floor energy of larger audiences infused his drum-driven 2012 EP R&S / Cedars, and its title track garnered a favorable feature from XLR8R. Steadily, national attention was building for Carroll’s unique style of subtle and compelling dance music.

In December 2013 he released Sings, a new full-length LP that combines the best of his recent instrumental work with his considerable skills as a songwriter. A densely propulsive electronic album rooted in forest imagery, Sings received universal critical acclaim, drawing praise from tastemakers like Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Stereogum, Bandcamp and Impose. Sings was named NC’s Best Album of 2013 by YES! Weekly.

Marley Carroll is connoisseur of groove, a tastemaker with a diverse palette and great attention to detail. Gifted in the dark arts of composition, production and turntablism, Marley Carroll is a veteran in the making. - Emancipator
Erick Lottary
Erick Lottary
Anyone with ears would agree that the word "real" is thrown around in haphazard fashion nowadays; it seems like every rapper with a voice and a microphone is calling himself "real", trying to convince you of he's "real", begging you to believe that the stories he tells and the life he leads and the words he spits are all "real". Many make their case; some do it well. Fewer still, actually succeed. Standouts among these wordsmiths tend to share certain traits and characteristics: sharp wit; colorful wordplay; biting social commentary; sharp criticism of the establishment; and above all, a willingness to be honest and true to themselves, even when the truth is less than flattering. Carolina-based MC Lotta is one of these lauded few lyricists.

The youngest son of a single mother; Fayetteville, NC emcee Lotta was born a statistical anomaly. In a four-person household with a single-parent income, no father from which to learn the responsibilities of manhood, and no room for the costly mistakes that many more well-off youngsters engaged in, Lotta gained a unique perspective: that the weight of each and every person's world lands squarely on his own shoulders, and it is up to us as individuals to raise it high not only for ourselves, but for those we care for the most. Drawing inspiration from the unmitigated dedication and devotion shown to him by his own mother, Lotta forged his own strength of mind into a sharp point, and aimed it squarely at the wrongs he saw in his life and those close to him.

Beginning with crude recordings on a karaoke machine he received as a Christmas gift, then graduating to home studios, Lotta released his first CD project before completing high school. With a well-received product under his belt, he continued to grow as an artist, evolving from early braggadocio of his lyrical prowess to introspective questions and vividly painted audio-images of what he saw as he made his way through life in Fayetteville, NC; Atlanta, GA; and eventually Charlotte, NC. Lotta collaborated with many artists and producers along the way, always seeking to stand out and above any MC's he was categorized with. A style all his own became apparent: speak what you know, and know what you speak. Lotta's personal definition of "REAL" began to grip audiences tightly at every performance, and it was not long before a follow-up offering was being hotly anticipated.

With a large library of scattered gems culminating recently in his long-awaited mixtape project '2012', Lotta started quickly moving toward the forefront of Carolina's hottest artists. Spurred by the self-produced thought-provoking single 'Why Play The Game', the CD only further fueled the public desire for the impending release of his next project entitled 'Avatar', the excerpts of which are already illiciting great response at recent performances.

If his current ascension into the limelight is to be taken as any indication of where he's headed, you can expect to see Lotta transcend the regional star-status and break onto the national stage at any moment. Lotta's musical growth began to take on a life of it's own, and with his latest project 'Final Fantasy', the dedicated emcee began to develop a rapidly emerging new fan base. The project gained great notoriety with major blog sites, and also lead to many performances including SXSW.
DJ Kutzu
DJ Kutzu
Scr...scr...scr...scratching. What is it? I'm from Asheville, Cackalacky and I love to scratch vinyl. Come out and see my interpretation of djing. Peas!
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The Grey Eagle
185 Clingman Ave
Asheville, NC, 28801