Open Mic Night (with a featured performance from Loop & Roll!)

The Grey Eagle Presents

Open Mic Night (with a featured performance from Loop & Roll!)

Mon, July 31, 2017

6:00 pm


This event is all ages

Suggested $5 donation to support the touring featured act, Loop and Roll.  

Perform on the historic stage at The Grey Eagle. This is Asheville's ultimate variety open mic night. Music, comedy, spoken word — you name it!

Perform on the historic stage at The Grey Eagle. This is Asheville's ultimate variety open mic night. Music, comedy, spoken word — you name it! 

Admission is FREE. Signups begin around 6PM and performances will start around 7PM.
Loop & Roll
Loop & Roll
Pushing the limits of what’s possible using a loop pedal and FX, Brian Hill (USA) and Konrad Kuechenmeister (Germany) have played hundreds of concerts in America and Europe making music magic along the way... ie: Beatbox made Dubstep, Reggae made Dub, Ska made Balkin Beat, Electro Swing made Drum-n-Bass.

Konrad Kuechenmeister is now one of the world’s top loopers. He embodies the harmony between traditional live music and new century multimedia technology. While live on stage, as a multi-instrumentalist, Konrad composes, arranges, and mixes right before your eyes. He uses traditional instruments such as classical guitar, melodica, piano, drums, djembe, while singing and beatboxing into his Roland-Boss Loopstation. The result is a sound bigger than a live band or DJ.

Since starting his solo career as a street musician in Berlin, Konrad has played more than 1000 concerts in Europe, USA, South Africa, China, Dubai and Brazil, where among other things, he was the official support act of Manu Chao in the Brasilia soccer arena.

Konrad's music is a personal interpretation of modern music genres like Drum-N-Bass, Reggae, Dub, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Latin, Ska, and Balkan Beats. His diversity and fun entertainer presence makes each of his shows a unique and unforgettable experience!

Brian Hill’s unmistakable voice, memorable songs and lyrical bass stylings have been the sonic backbone of his internationally touring rock-reggae band Regatta 69. For more than two decades he's been touring extensively throughout the US and Europe, delivering smooth performances of his uplifting songs to audiences in some 42 States and 17 countries. Now, coining the term “Emo Reggae”, he brings to the stage the heart-filled outpouring of his emotions while adopting the big sound of live looping. With guitar in hand and loop pedal under foot, his latest music envisions a place deep in the foothills dripping with soul. Embellishing on a new take of the reggae sound, his Emo Reggae will lead your ears to mine what echoes within. Supporting his latest release “Countdown To Babblelawn”, Mr. B Hill’s lyrical twists of sarcasm and wit give you his somehow eternally optimistic premonitions of what might be, reminiscent of the days gone by. His concerts are featuring some classic ska and reggae remakes, but mostly his original songs, both new and rarities from the vault of Regatta 69’s 20+ year recording history.

Brian Hill started this EchoMix Artists network to encourage the gifted artists he's been discovering, collaberating with, and mentoring both on tour and in the studio. His vision is to help each artist find an audience through touring and growing their online presence. He hopes to bring each of the EchoMix Artists to a stage at your nearest concert hall, university, bar, brewery or festival.
Venue Information:
The Grey Eagle
185 Clingman Ave
Asheville, NC, 28801