FREE SHOW: Bangarang, 79 Sorcery, Samurai Shotgun, Rising Down

The Grey Eagle Presents

FREE SHOW: Bangarang, 79 Sorcery, Samurai Shotgun, Rising Down

Tue, April 18, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


This event is all ages


Focused music wrapped up in a party mentality. From Tampa, FL, these six minds meld together to create a head bobbing, body moving interactive experience for all who are involved during the live shows.

Along with their debut album "Galaxy Dust,” Bangarang is blazing a trail from Florida to the rest of the world connecting with their largest crowd at Okeechobee Music Festival 2016. With empowering, well-written, and catchy lyrics supported by rhythms and melodies so diverse, you either want to break dance or zone out at the stars, sometimes at the same time. At the same damn time!

These guys bring joy and genius to their craft. Life is short, you've got to live it, and they sure do. Bangarang knows how to have a good time. Alex, Arsenio, Devon, Senyo, Tyson, and Wes Wes Ya'll make up this artful collective.
79 Sorcery
79 Sorcery
79 Sorcery Studios is here to conjure up the artistic spirits! We will create and destroy for you!

Currently we represent two of this worlds best rappers:
Charles Burns ( )
Achilles the Conquer )
Samurai Shotgun
Samurai Shotgun
Founded in 2010, Samurai Shotgun is a band that provides innovation to music with their alternative flair, hip-hop influenced sound and progressive movement toward something new. This is the beginning of a new genre, theirs is a sound that is easy to identify with the band itself.

Based in Tampa, Florida; Samurai Shotgun is setting their sights on expansion and flooding the world with the experience of listening to their music. The band is composed of lead vocalist; Matt Henley, guitarist; Tyler Mulder, bass player; Bryant Harp, drummer; Jovan Lecaro, and on the turntables and keys; Marquis Blocker otherwise known as DJ Qeys.

The members all met through mutual friendships, school and work. Individually all are equally talented, but together Samurai Shotgun is unstoppable.
Rising Down
Rising Down
Low key but in the forefront of Tampa's rock scene, Rising Down has made a name for itself - all without a full length project.
That changed in April this year, when the group released its debut album "Harmony and Disconnect". The album was created with a collection of songs that hit every note of the human spectrum. From the pessimistically brash opener “Handcuffed in an Armless War” all the way through the spiritually liberating title track, Harmony and Disconnect is a bold sum of its travels.

The album has been very successful in furthering the band's connection with their core fans and gaining new ones, locally and nationally.

The album is available on all major digital platforms and always at shows.
Venue Information:
The Grey Eagle
185 Clingman Ave
Asheville, NC, 28801