Wayne "The Train" Hancock

The Grey Eagle and Worthwhile Sounds Present

Wayne "The Train" Hancock

Back South

Wed, May 24, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages


Wayne Hancock
Wayne Hancock
"Wayne Hancock has more Hank Sr. in him than either I or Hank Williams Jr. He is the real deal." - Hank III

"Hancock, who tosses out a roots mix of old country, roadhouse blues, western dance swing, boogie bop, and straight-up rockabilly, takes what was once old and makes it seem like it's always been and always will be."---allmusic.com

"The country music scene could do with a lot more characters like Wayne, who push the music's limits while staying truer to its roots than any well-known names associated with the genre today." – Slug Magazine

Since his stunning debut, Thunderstorms and Neon Signs in 1995, Wayne "The Train" Hancock has been the undisputed king of Juke Joint Swing--that alchemist's dream of honky-tonk, western swing, blues, Texas rockabilly and big band. Always an anomaly among his country music peers, Wayne's uncompromising interpretation of the music he loves is in fact what defines him: steeped in traditional but never "retro;" bare bones but bone shaking; hardcore but with a swing. Like the comfortable crackle of a Wurlitzer 45 jukebox, Wayne is the embodiment of genuine, house rocking, hillbilly boogie.

Wayne makes music fit for any road house anywhere. With his unmistakable voice, The Train's reckless honky-tonk can move the dead. If you see him live (and he is ALWAYS touring), you'll surely work up some sweat stains on that snazzy Rayon shirt you're wearing. If you buy his records, you'll be rolling up your carpets, spreading sawdust on the hardwood, and dancing until the downstairs neighbors are banging their brooms on the ceiling. Call him a throwback if you want, Wayne just wants to ENTERTAIN you, and what's wrong with that?

Wayne's disdain for the slick swill that passes for real deal country is well known. Like he's fond of saying: "Man, I'm like a stab wound in the fabric of country music in Nashville. See that bloodstain slowly spreading? That's me."

Little known fact: Wayne is the only Bloodshot artist to have had their CD taken aboard a space shuttle flight.

"A rare breed of traditionalist, one who imbues his retro obsessions with such high energy and passions that his songs never feel like the museum pieces he's trying desperately to preserve." —AllMusic.com
Back South
Back South
BACK SOUTH is a trio that hails from Asheville North Carolina in the ancient mountain territory of the Cherokee Native Americans. The rich musical heritage of the area has been the ground for Back South to bridges many southern music styles ranging from Bluegrass and Old Tyme with hints of Spiritual Gospel on the beat of Rock and Blues.

Each song on the new record BackSouth NC, is fired up with Todd Cecil’s unique approach to playing homemade cigar box instruments with a picking style inspired by old Blues masters but taken to a new area. With Mike Fore’s powerhouse electric blues HARMONICA & JUICE HARP and Scott Harte’s heavy driven DRUMS, the trio energized performances always get crowds moving.

Frontman and band founder TODD CECIL, whose instrumentation consists predominately of handmade CIGAR BOX GUITAR in particular the LOWEBOW, which is a guitar and bass in one instrument. Todd has performed and traveled all over the world, with 3 studio records, creating new fans and influencing folks wherever he goes. Todd brings incredible energy and a fun-loving, quirky personality to his every live performances

Moving from Nashville TN to Ashville NC, Todd’s music changed along with the desire for different instrumentation and describes his transformation with: “I pretty much hid out in the mountains for 6 months and learned how to play the LOWEBOW, –sumthin’ us musicians call ‘woodsheddin’" His musical influences include, Blind Willie Johnson, Ry Cooder, Big Bill Broonzy and the inspiration of a fortune cookie.
Venue Information:
The Grey Eagle
185 Clingman Ave
Asheville, NC, 28801