PATIO SHOW :: Katie Sachs

FREE Patio Show 5-7PM

PATIO SHOW :: Katie Sachs

Wed, August 21, 2019

5:00 pm (event ends at 7:00 pm)


This event is all ages

FREE Patio Show


Katie Sachs
Katie Sachs
With 20 years of songwriting experience, 3 studio record releases, a 2-year stint in the Austin music scene, and a history of touring under her belt, Katie Sachs is a seasoned musician/singer-songwriter with a lot to say. A voice that has been described as living "somewhere between Billie Holiday and David Byrne" is accompanied by skillful Baritone Ukulele plucking, to tell imagery-driven stories about everything from break-ups, to death, to communal living, to Golgi Apparatuses (and everything in between.) If you enjoy the music of: Feist, Cocorosie, Jolie Holland, or Karen Dalton, then you should definitely check out the jazz-influenced indie folk stylings of Katie Sachs. Her new EP "A Matter Of Time" is for sale now on Bandcamp and streaming anywhere you find music.
Venue Information:
The Grey Eagle
185 Clingman Ave
Asheville, NC, 28801